Asset Management

We provide full asset management services for your virtual real estate indulgence. We provide end-to-end management regardless of the type of businesses and institutions you have on the Windfall ecosystem, freeing up time while managing all the details.

General services

General services we can provide include: Rent virtual real estate to customers for advertising and marketing industries. Technical and visual maintenance of assets. Collection of incentives from participants.

Project Development

At Windfall, we intend to build and provide full asset development services. Regardless of the type of engagement you want within Windfall ecosystem, freeing up your time while processing all the details.

Sale & Distribution

  • 30% Frozen
  • 6% Founders and team
  • 5% Seed Investors
  • 4% advisors
  • 4% Airdrop
  • 1% Bounty Campaign.
  • 50% community

WINDFALL token project is brought to action with a motive of giving the customers more control and freedom on their finances.


Initial Coin Offering aka ICO opens in the second quarter of 2021. It is set to be active since April attracting many investors. The phases of ICO will be launched on the official website.


Windfall Token to be listed on CoinMarketCap and the listing on public exchanges will begin simultaneously.


Token merchandise, fundraising, marketing and building virtual real estate infrastructure by acquiring best developers and talent.