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4 virtual real estate event ideas for real estate agents

Organizing a virtual real estate event can be a bit complicated. That’s why in this article we would be discussing 4 virtual real estate event ideas that could get you, new buyers. Currently, the real estate industry worldwide has undergone massive change and virtual reality has a major role to play. With virtual reality, real estate can be more inclusive even in communities hard-hit by Coronavirus.

More real estate agents are creating virtual tours for prospective homeowners. This is because more people are online because of the pandemic and they are more likely to see Ads. They are also more likely to participate in virtual property tours. This is why you need tips on how to get the attention of leads through virtual real estate events.

How to get started

Virtual events are relatively simpler to organize when compared to physical events. However, whether you are tech-savvy or not, there are preparations to be made for a virtual real estate event.

Select the platform you want to use for your virtual event

After deciding on the conference Platform for your virtual real estate event, try it out. Set mockup video conferences with friends or co-works and test each feature on the Video Platform. Staying updated about how things work would come in handy when your guests need quick troubleshooting tips during the event.

Conduct a brief survey for your guests

Not everyone is tech-savvy and if most of your guests are elderly homeowners who need a retirement home, you would need a quick survey. Send out emails with a link to a brief survey to know the devices your guests would use for the meeting. This is because some video platforms like Zoho Meeting are more desktop compatible while the mobile view has limited features. So it’s best to find out what your guests would use and the right platform that would accommodate various devices.

Prepare a support team

Glitches happen in technology. It’s inevitable sometimes but it can be managed with the right tech support team. A tech support team can help set up the space where you would host the meeting from. They could also manage any tech issues that may come up during the meeting.

Practice & Practice

If you have never conducted a virtual event before, it’s a good idea to practice. Set your stage and get volunteers to sign in as guests. Then ask for genuine feedback on what they think about your stage and presentation. Incorporate the feedback in the real virtual real estate meeting you would be hosting.

Conduct surveys

Surveys are one of the best ways to collect data that would help you understand your target audience better and improve sales. After your virtual real estate event, send out emails to the attendees. Thank them for attending and request their feedback via your survey which they can feel anonymously.

Keep the survey short and precise. Include free downloadable material with great and interesting tips for them. Incentives like that would persuade them to take a look at your survey and perhaps fill them.

4 virtual real estate events ideas

Your virtual real estate event can be anything but it is best to organize a virtual event that addresses the audience’s pain point and provides solutions. Here, we would be listing two virtual real estate ideas and how you can organize them. Virtual meeting rehearsal would go a long way in understanding what you need to do right to retain your audience’s attention. Also, your virtual meeting should last for thirty minutes or a maximum of an hour. This is because you want your audience to remember the key points of your meeting.

Your virtual real estate event could be a:

Workshop & Seminar

Create a workshop or seminar where prospective homeowners can learn about the history of the available properties your agency sells. You could also share tips on decor ideas for the properties and how new homeowners or elderly couples can get the right property for less. Get decor experts or finance experts to pitch in brief words on these areas and leave room for a Q &A session.

Virtual tours

Virtual open house tours are regular events in the non-virtual real estate industry. You need to ensure that a stage is set up for the property, provide refreshments and ensure the security of your guests.

Virtual home tours take those stress away and help you conduct a faster open house event. Depending on your subscription plan, you can have 10x the number of guests you would have at a physical open house. This means a larger pool of leads for your agency.

Also, a virtual open house tour allows interested buyers to get a 360-degree view of your available properties as if they are there in person. With a virtual reality headset, they can move through your virtual properties with ease. They can also view each space of the property multiple times during the virtual event. This is something that may not be convenient in a physical open house.

Always ensure that you select a video platform that allows you to do a virtual presentation of your properties while allowing guests to ask questions. You may need to upgrade to higher subscription plans to access more advanced features for your virtual open house.

Other virtual real estate event ideas

A virtual community event

Property buyers always like to have first-hand knowledge of the property they want to buy from people already living in that environment. You can achieve this by organizing a virtual event for homeowners living on the premises of the properties you sell. Set up the virtual meeting so that interested buyers can interact with homeowners in that community, ask questions and receive answers in the meeting. Moderate the discussion and ensure that everyone expresses themselves without putting the property in a negative perspective.

Create a Podcast

Podcasts are relatively less stressful to set up. Invite a contractor, an interior decorator, or a real estate finance expert for your podcasts.

Make a list of topics that would interest the prospective homeowner. Sell your agency and properties in the podcasts without being too obvious and sales.


Virtual reality is not going to faze out with the pandemic in the real estate industry as some expect. The reason is that our dependence on technology keeps increasing. So as long as technology makes human lives easier, more people would jump on that bandwagon.

Virtual reality also provides benefits for both real estate agents and buyers. Real estate agents can meet multiple buyers online and conduct a virtual property tour for multiple buyers at the same time. Thus saving time and increasing the pool of leads.

Buyers on the other hand can go on a tour of the property they like, communicate with the agents virtually before arranging a physical meeting. Nobody breaks a sweat, it saves everyone’s time.

Another benefit of virtual real estate is that it gives real estate agents multiple and more advanced channels to promote their properties and agencies. Your agency also gets the chance to stand shoulder to shoulder with bigger competitors while ensuring the inflow of serious home buyers.

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