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Steps to creating a virtual real estate Ad campaign

Images are everything in the world of advertisement. People want to see what they are being told to buy and they want to see if it is good enough for their money. This is why companies spend so much money on advertisements. In real estate, advertisement is everything and the success of an Ad campaign depends on the quality of visuals in the advertisement. In virtual real estate, emphasis is not on the visual quality because the virtual world already has that. What matters is how you go about your Ad and if you are using the right virtual platform.

Today, there is a growing need for better forms of advertisement. Property buyers want more than pictures and with the advent of Coronavirus, there is a greater need for virtual tours. Virtual tours give property buyers a 360 – degree view of the property and with more advanced virtual technology, buyers can virtually place furniture in their properties. This enables them to see what furniture fits, the perfect placement for the furniture, and so on.

Some benefits of virtual reality in real estate

Let’s imagine a bit. You run a company that sells luxury properties. Your clients are busy people who rarely have time to go on a tour of your properties yet they need that luxury property. What should you do? You could offer them a virtual tour of the properties you list. With a virtual reality headset, they can view the property thoroughly from the comfort of their homes or offices. Then you both can fix a date for payment and signing of documents.

The client is happy and you don’t have to spend half of your day physically showcasing your properties to just one client. With virtual reality, multiple clients can view your properties at the same time and set varying appointment dates for property acquisition. This sounds pretty easy, right? It is easy and that’s what virtual reality does, it makes our lives easier.

Now aside from the virtual tour, you can give investors a virtual representation of how the property you are developing will eventually look like. We are not talking of lifeless architectural designs. With virtual real estate tools, you can build a 360-degree view of the finished version of the property you are developing. For instance, having an avatar that draws the curtains in one of the virtual homes so investors can see the view of other properties from the window of that virtual home.

More tips on virtual real estate advertisement

Creating a virtual real estate advertisement is done almost the same way you run a physical Ad. The difference is that with virtual reality there is no limit to how you make your Ad come alive.

Virtual advertisement could be technical but with maximum reward. With more companies providing platforms for virtual advertisement, you can conduct your Ads without worrying about the technicalities. Companies like Windfall handle all technical aspects of their users and help them upgrade the virtual real estate assets they rent for advertisement.

VR estate checklist

Still, even in virtual real estate advertisements, there are things that you need to check out on your checklist.

Determine your audience

Does your target audience comprise CEOs and wealthy people who do not have the time to check out 20 properties at a time? What kind of property are you selling? Luxury properties or properties one step above those located in slum areas?

If you are selling luxury properties or your target audience consists of people whose time is gold, then virtual reality is your best bet. You need to show them that you care about their time and needs with virtual technology.

This would make your real estate company look smart and get the desired word-of-mouth referral your company needs.

Next, what are the pain points of your target audience? What grabs their attention? These are things you would need to factor into your virtual advertisement.

Determine the goal of your Ad campaign

Before you create your Ad campaign, determine what you intend to achieve with your advertisement. Do you want to generate leads, create awareness for your brand or promote certain listings? Once you identify these goals, you can then tailor your virtual Ads to achieve your goals.

Decide which virtual real estate advertising platform to use

Not all virtual real estate advertising platforms are equal. It’s best to choose one that offers you advanced technology alongside technical support and a wide range of benefits. You would also need to ensure that the virtual Ad is of the highest quality with no glitches.

Publish and manage your virtual Ad campaign

At this point, your virtual Ad is running and you’re miles ahead of your competition who are still using traditional advertising methods. Editing your Ad is necessary to maximize results and if it’s too technical, ask your Ad platform for help.

Windfall for instance allows users to create virtual real estate Ads and it also helps its users in the management of their virtual assets. So, find a platform like a Windfall.

Psychologically, images are remembered faster and have a longer impression on people’s memory. Virtual reality creates forever memories of your Ads in the mind of your target audience. So, what are you waiting for? Start creating memories and sell those properties now! Don’t know where to start? We’re here to help.