We invest in a better,
real estate future.

Windfall enables individual property owners to enjoy the following services.

Asset Management

The platform also caters to providing end-to-end real estate management provided it is based on the windfall ecosystem.

Project Development

Windfall builds and provides comprehensive asset development services. This does not limit one to the type of engagement they choose.

Virtual Property Showcase

Users can get to experience different plans and have 360 views of the properties. They can also be able to create anything they want and envision it in the future. 

Virtual Staging

Those in the real estate industry understand the importance of staging. Many customers want to visualize what their home would look like in that property or how it would look with their furniture.

Architectural Visualization

It is almost impossible to market a property that has not yet been constructed. Through the 3D drawings made possible by the technology, potential buyers can easily imagine the architecture of their new property.

Communication With Tenants

It is undeniable that real estate agents will have to communicate with tenants at one point or another. With virtual reality, Landlords can efficiently communicate with their tenants through 3D virtual tours.

Virtual Commerce

With virtual reality, buyers can imagine making any interior changes or transforming their space to something else. They can also imagine how they can sell different aspects of the property according to their style.

General Services

The platform offers renting opportunities on virtual real estate to customers if they want to engage in advertising or marketing. Moreover, the platform can also help in the technical and visual maintenance of the assets. It can also fuel the collection of incentives from all the participants.

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